Of Wildflowers, Cobwebs and Toadstools

On day 248 of 365 Days Wild I wandered out for a nature walk around the village lanes and into the meadow.

It was a morning of sunny intervals. The sun made just enough of an appearance for a few Celandines on the grass verge beside the lane to open up their petals, and for some ladybirds to emerge.

Another flower that is making an early appearance on the grass verges are the dandelions, several of which are just coming into bloom.

There’s even one that has already become a clock.

The tiny Speedwell flowers also insisted on being photographed.

Once I reached the meadow I couldn’t resist spending quite a while with a fascinating little patch of cobweb that I spotted. Despite being only a few centimetres wide, it was bejeweled with dewdrops that caught the light, and so caught my eye amongst all of the meadow green. It was a beautiful sight.

There are also still some toadstools to be found, particularly in the damper western corner of the meadow. I still think these are probably Scurfy Deceivers.

Have you been on any nature walks recently? Let me know in the comments.

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    1. I’m really hoping for a snowy nature walk soon! The snowfall seems to keep missing us but we’re forecasted for some tonight and tomorrow. 🀞 Thanks for visiting and commenting, Irene. 😊

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