Toadstool House

Toadstool House
Toadstool House – watercolour on paper, 10″ x 7″

I’ve spent this afternoon finishing off a watercolour picture that I began several months ago and then left in my ‘to be continued’ pile. After writing The Pixie Party last week I was inspired to finally complete it. This is Tixel, who appears in the story, and his toadstool house. There is a colouring picture version of the house available here.


18 thoughts on “Toadstool House

    1. Thank you! I did draw the header – it was the first picture I did when I first developed the idea of the Enchanted Forest last year. I’d never worked in watercolour before then (acrylic on canvas has always been my main painting medium). I feel a bit more confident in it now. 🙂

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  1. This is a very touching illustration. There is a warm roundness to it that is so inviting and I love your color choices as well as how they fade in just the right places. You are so talented! Fun to follow your inspiration and see you jump in when you feel it is right.

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      1. I remember those. Sometimes the best way to finish something well is to step away for a while…even a long while. Creativity doesn’t have a timeline 🙂

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