Santa’s Sleigh Colouring Picture

santa's sleighHere’s the last of my Christmas colouring pictures for this year. I did also have several other pictures that I would have liked to add but unfortunately I’ve not had enough free time lately to edit them for online use. I wasn’t sure for a while whether I’d manage to get this one up either but I was determined to get it posted tonight!

Merry Christmas everybody. 😀


Stocking Colouring Picture

stocking colouring picture

Here’s another Christmas colouring picture for you all.

Both the teddy bear and the snowman in this picture will be making reappearances – the snowman might even be tomorrow’s colouring picture (though the Christmas pudding and the sleigh are also ready for editing). Bear is actually a character, along with her friend Elephant, of a series of toddler stories that I’ve been planning.

If anyone (or their kids) has coloured in any of the pictures I’ve posted,  I’d love to see them. 🙂

Christmas Tree Colouring Picture

christmas tree colouring picture

Here’s another of my Christmas colouring pictures. I hope you all like it.

This one took an awful lot of work to make it suitable for online use. The original image was a bit of a mess! The pen that I used to draw this and several other pictures wasn’t the best choice. The nib was too thick and the ink frayed out from the drawn lines into the surrounding paper. Also, when the pages were stacked together they created a ghost image on the neighbouring pictures. This didn’t show up when I was just photocopying it for the kids to colour in in the play area that I ran but every single mark was visible in the photograph that this version is based on. I think I probably re-drew the entire thing on Photoshop – not a particularly easy job!