Bee Love

I painted this bee picture last year. I adore bees and can happily spend hours photographing them. And painting them. … More Bee Love

Toadstool House

I’ve spent this afternoon finishing off a watercolour picture that I began several months ago and then left in my ‘to be continued’ pile. After writing The Pixie Party last week I was inspired to finally complete it. This is Tixel, who appears in the story, and his toadstool house. There is a colouring picture … More Toadstool House

Fisherman’s Blues

Fisherman’s Blues Away from everyday concerns, from civilisation’s stress filled existence, gaze out over sun caressed waters, and let the current erode all cares. Today’s picture is a painting (acrylic on canvas, 20″x 20″) which I painted for my brother’s Christmas present. He has always loved fishing and can spend hours on end down by … More Fisherman’s Blues