Toadstool House

Toadstool House

Toadstool House – watercolour on paper, 10″ x 7″

I’ve spent this afternoon finishing off a watercolour picture that I began several months ago and then left in my ‘to be continued’ pile. After writing The Pixie Party last week I was inspired to finally complete it. This is Tixel, who appears in the story, and his toadstool house. There is a colouring picture version of the house available here.


Meet Flissy, a Fairy of the Enchanted Forest

I wasn’t too happy with the fairies on the illustration for The Lost Unicorn – Version 3 – they were too small for me to include any detail and the picture was rather rushed. So today I thought I’d paint a slightly larger picture of Flissy, the fairy in the story.

So here you go.


I’ve also replaced the pictures on version 2 and version 3 with photographs taken in daylight. They were painted in the evening after I finished work and, because I wanted to get the posts straight up, the photos were taken in artificial light – which wasn’t the best idea. My white unicorn looked rather brown!

And now, a few words about my art.

Until a few months ago I had never really used watercolour paints and, whilst I’ve painted acrylic on canvas for several years (mainly nature scenes), my study of art ended with high school. Because of this, all my illustrations are a case of trial and error as I try to work out what works and what doesn’t. I currently have a steadily growing list of things that I need to practise (different body positions, hands and horses’ eyes for starters…).  When beginning The Storyteller’s Abode, however, I made the decision that the style of art I wanted for the children’s role-play scenery was most suited to watercolour and ink. Whether or not I made the right decision is yet to be seen! 

Any advice is very gratefully received…