Cloudy Skies

a glimmer of light

a moment of joy

an awakening of hope

Cloudy skies never keep me home, but a glimpse of the sun makes everything so much better.

So… it seems I’m doing 365 Days Wild, after all. That makes this day 31’s Random Act of Wildness.

I’m going to try and make this a daily post, but occasionally it might have to be a round up of several days as I’ve been doing during the initial 30 Days Wild. This is especially the case once I’m back at work. I’m currently furloughed from my day job in a kids’ play area, with no real idea about when the place will be reopening. Spending lots of time on daily wild activities has been easy whilst I’ve had little else to fill my days with. This might not be the case in a month or two. I’ll just have to wait and see how it goes.

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3 thoughts on “Cloudy Skies

    1. It’s the posting about it that’s the biggest part of the task. I try to get out into nature every day and random acts of wildness are pretty much my norm. It’s the putting together a blog post that seems to be the hardest part these days! It’s a long time since I last blogged daily.

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