Bees, Bees, Bees

I spent yesterday afternoon in the meadow with the bees. There were so many of them, all over the Common Knapweed that is currently dominating the western end of the space. I spotted four, or maybe five, different types of bee whilst I was there.

Firstly, there were the Buff-tailed Bumble Bees.

There were also Red-tailed Bumble Bees.

There were Common Carder Bumble Bees.

And there were Honey Bees.

Finally, there was a lonely bee that I haven’t managed to firmly identify yet. I only managed to snap a couple of pictures before it flew off, none of which give me a large number of identifying features, and only one of the pictures is clear enough to use. It’s a type of brown bee. Compared to the others, it doesn’t seem to be orange enough to be another Carder Bumble Bee, and it’s too rounded and hairy to be a Honey Bee. I think it may be a type of either Mason or Mining Bee, but I could well be wrong.


This was for day 32 of 365 Days Wild. Only 333 days to go…

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    1. I’m now thinking that it might be a Shrill Carder Bee, though it doesn’t have the orangey tip to its tail. On the other hand it might be a type of Mining Bee. There are so many different species!

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