Bug Life

I’ve finally reached day 365 of 365 Days Wild! I finished the year’s challenge to connect with nature every day, with a big hunt in the meadow. … More Bug Life


the keys to lessons of yesteryear hang illuminated in the light of a youthful sun that grows in strength with each day’s passing, embracing discovery with the eager inquisition of generations advancing into fresh avenues of growth: for old ways yet cling on, shining beacons of both the wisdom of age and the fragility of … More Keys

Meadow Life

My intention when heading out to the meadow on day 52 of 365 Days Wild was to spend some time bug hunting. As is so often the case lately, I was a little distracted by the butterflies. … More Meadow Life

The brothers creating butterfly-friendly habitats

Butterflies are beautiful creatures. Whether they’re brightly coloured or plain, it’s always a pleasure to watch them flit between flowers or bask in the summer sun, their delicate wings alight. But the UK’s butterflies are in need of heroes. With many of their habitats paved over or turned into agricultural land, the past forty years … More The brothers creating butterfly-friendly habitats