Of Toadstools, Bees, and Butterflies

As I was leaving the house for day 91 of 365 Days Wild I said to myself, I won’t be photographing toadstools today. I’ve included fungi picture for the past two days. I need to look out for something different…

Five minutes later – ooh, toadstools!

So… It seems I’m incapable of walking past toadstools without photographing them.

And there were rather a lot of them about.

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Toadstools weren’t the only thing I spotted, although they did somewhat dominate my outing. I also spent quite a while watching the bees on the Devil’s-bit Scabius flowers.

Now that the Knapweed has turned to seed, the bees aren’t quite so numerous in the meadow, but they are still around. You can find them wherever there are still  plants in flower. The Scabius seems to be a current favourite.

The number of butterflies has also reduced in comparison to the beginning of August. I spotted a couple of them flitting past in the distance whilst I was in the meadow, and this little one was sat on a plant on the grass verge of the lane outside.

I think it might be a Brown Argus butterfly. They and the Common Blues have a similar pattern on the outside of their wings, with just a few spots that in a slightly different position. There are two spots in particular on the wings of a Brown Argus that are closer together, forming more of a figure 8 shape. From what I’ve seen, as well, the Common Blue’s are also a little larger in size. I would have known for certain if this little one had opened it’s wings!

That’s all for today. Hopefully I’ll be back tomorrow with something other than toadstools!

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