Chasing Sunbeams

hope breaks through the

smothering of anxieties in

radiating beams of positivity,

enlivening lives cast into

shadow beneath misery’s

clouds, illuminating souls

facing an uncertain future

in an ever changing world

This post is for day 144 of 365 Days Wild. It was a very cloudy day, but the sun was trying to break through while I was out. It was a pleasant time to be out for a quick walk around the lanes.

I hope everyone is managing to stay positive in these difficult times that we’re all living through. As hard as it may be, I’m determined to keep on chasing those sunbeams. Eventually the sun will shine again!

8 thoughts on “Chasing Sunbeams

    1. I dread that happening. It would be my idea of Hell. 😫 Also, considering I barely see anyone when I’m out and about, it would be a bit of a pointless level of quarantine!

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