Woodland Magick

there’s magick in the woodland,

fae spirits dancing beside the

stream, you can hear them

laughing around the toadstools

as they play in a realm of dreams

On day 144 of 65 Days Wild I wandered down to the little woodland area beside the stream. It was cloudy when I left the house, and I wasn’t expecting anything better, but the clouds learned and the sun came out. It was beautifully magical.

There were also lots of the most magical of toadstools about – the iconic Fly Agaric (Amanita muscaria).

There were also a few of what I think are Scurfy Deceivers (Laccaria laccata).

From the white ‘milk’ (latex) dripping from the damaged gills I’m pretty sure that these are a type of milkcap fungi, possibly Birch Milkcaps, (Lactarius tabidus).

I spotted a few different types of Mycena while I was wandering through the woodland. As always, these are really tricky to tell apart as they’re so similar to one another.

From the hairs visible at the base of the stem I think this first one might be Mycena abramsi.

I spotted this clump of little bonnet toadstools growing on dead wood in the little woodland. They might be Angel’s Bonnet  (Mycena arcangeliana) but there are others, such as Milking Bonnet (Mycena galopus) share many of the same characteristics.

Finally, I also spotted a few beautiful Rosy Bonnets (Mycena rosea).

That’s all for today. How have you been connecting with nature recently? I’d love to know. Just leave a comment below.