Village Flowers

On day 143 of 365 Days Wild I wandered around the village in search of flowers. I started off in our own front garden where there are roses, nerines, fuschias and lavender flowers, all continuing to bloom.

The fuschias, in particular, seem to be popular with the bees and wasps that are still about.

Many gardens around the village have front gardens, some of which are very carefully managed, others of which have been allowed to grow a little wild. I, personally, prefer the wilder look. Having said that, neat rose bushes and tumbles of calendula are equally lovely to see.

There are a few wildflowers still to be spotted on the grass verges around the village lanes, though these are far fewer than they were a few months ago. White Dead-nettles, Dandelions, and Hogweed are a few that I saw while out and about, plus a lovely, if somewhat bedraggled, little pair of Harebells under a hedge.

That’s all for today? Is there anything in flower where you are? I’d love to know.

10 thoughts on “Village Flowers

    1. That pop of colour is always such a joy to see! I’ve been tempted to cut some flowers for a vase a few times now but decided to leave them for the garden, instead, hoping they’d last a little longer. I expect most won’t last beyond the first frost, so I’m enjoying them while I can. 😊

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  1. Wow, those are beautiful and so diverse!! :0 ❀
    We have a flowering bush from our neighbors fence (it's growing through and over) that neither us, nor our neighbors, know what it is. They said it's been dormant forever, and only just grew up like crazy this year. It has long willowy branches bursting with purple flowers that the bees and butterflies are loving. ^_^

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    1. It’s amazing to see so much still in bloom so late in October! They’re such a joy to see. And unexpected flowers like yours are always a delight to see. Have you shared any pictures of it on your blog? I’d love to see it. πŸ’›πŸ’›

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