Of Rainbows, Sunbeams and Toadstools

For day 79 of 365 Days Wild I headed out for an early evening walk. It had been rainy all afternoon, but the sun was just coming out as I left the house. The best thing about sunshine and showers is the possibility of rainbows. I was lucky enough to be greeted by this wonderful double rainbow as I left the house, and they remained in sight as I walked around the lanes to the meadow.

Curiously, the field beyond the trees that the rainbows appear to end in is actually the meadow. With the growth shifting into its late summer colours, the meadow does make a perfect pot of gold.

By the time I reached the pond at the bottom of the meadow, the sun was out and streaming in beautiful sunbeams through the trees on the bank. I spent a little while simply enjoying the sight before continuing on my way.

After spending some time by the pond, I wandered through the little woodland and along the path back up to the lane.

There weren’t many of them about, but I was fortunate enough to spot two little toadstools in the little woodland. They were a perfect find for the end of my walk.

That’s all for day 79. Did you do anything out in nature yesterday? Do you have a favourite way of connecting with the earth?

3 thoughts on “Of Rainbows, Sunbeams and Toadstools

  1. Wonderful shots of that rainbow, especially the expanse of it opposite the house. Did you look for the pot of gold in the meadow, or were you content to see the golden hues of the foliage?


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