A Walk in the Rain

A bit of summer rain rarely stops me from heading out for a walk. It’s a wonderful time to be out and about, even if I am drenched through to the skin by the time I get home.

I couldn’t resist splashing my toes into the puddles as I walked.

It was raining a little too heavily for me to take many photos – not without drenching my phone, at least – but there were a few sights that I just had to stop and snap pictures of. The sight of droplets on growth is something that I always adore.

Spotting the droplets on the back of this 7-Spot ladybird was an extra treat.

This was day 80 of 365 Days Wild.

6 thoughts on “A Walk in the Rain

  1. A day for getting the wellies out and splashing through the puddles… But who needs wellies when bare feet will do? Great photo of the ladybird. ๐Ÿ˜€


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