On the Blackthorn Path


when your path is lined with

thorns, sharp, vicious blades

that tear at skin and soul with

uncaring brutality, adversities

that hinder all forward progress,

just take the time to remember:

the harvest you reap will yet

be fruitful, and the products of

your endeavours, intoxicating


Sloe down: see the fruits, not the thorns.

This post is for day 78 of 365 Days Wild.


3 thoughts on “On the Blackthorn Path

    1. I’ve never made sloe gin but I’m tempted to try it. Several of my siblings are very fond of gin, even though I’m not. It might be a nice addition to the Christmas booze supply!

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  1. Great poem, Lou, very descriptive and thought-provoking. There are a lot of sloes in the hedgerows this year and I’ve seen a few people out there collecting them.


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