As the year draws to an end,
exploding in an exuberant display of
vibrant reds and golds;
as the day fades towards night,
bathing the world in a gentle glow,
the beasts stand in line
with no awareness of their fate.


This is my entry into Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge. I’ve never taken part with this one before but with a topic like farm animals, how could I resist? These photos were taken in the field next to my house (the ridge and furrow field). Every May a new group of bullocks arrives. They stay throughout the Summer until the grass stops growing in October, then they’re transported off to the farmyard. Its always sad to see them go – especially knowing they’ll be making their way to the abattoir in the not too distant future. Whilst they are present I spend a great many happy hours photographing them over the fence.


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