The Feeding Tree

sitting in blissful peace enraptured by sunlight awaiting the birds’ descent There’s a cherry tree in our new garden that we’ve nicknamed ‘the feeding tree’ because the birds seem to love it. I’ve already spent many pleasant hours sitting in the sun on the patio, with my camera pointing towards the tree. It’s given me … More The Feeding Tree

CFFC: Stairs, Steps, Ladders

Blame Maddie stomped and banged, making her displeasure as clear as she could as she wielded her broom, dust motes swarming around her. It wasn’t fair! None of it was her fault. Not really. She couldn’t have known what would happen. And besides, things probably wouldn’t have been any different even if the ladder hadn’t been there. All that damned girl had had to do was … More CFFC: Stairs, Steps, Ladders


Finale As the year draws to an end, exploding in an exuberant display of vibrant reds and golds; as the day fades towards night, bathing the world in a gentle glow, the beasts stand in line with no awareness of their fate. This is my entry into Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge. I’ve never taken part with this one … More Finale