The Feeding Tree

Sparrow in Feeding Tree 1.1


in blissful peace

enraptured by sunlight

awaiting the birds’


Sparrow in Feeding Tree 6

There’s a cherry tree in our new garden that we’ve nicknamed ‘the feeding tree’ because the birds seem to love it. I’ve already spent many pleasant hours sitting in the sun on the patio, with my camera pointing towards the tree. It’s given me lots of time to practice using my new 420-800mm lens. While we mainly have an abundance of sparrows, there have also been pigeons, great tits, robins and blackbirds spotted around it – though not all of these have stayed still long enough for me to photograph them!

I get a lot of shots like this:


Here are a few more pictures taken of the birds (yes, mainly sparrows – just the one pigeon) that did actually stay still long enough forย me to photograph them:

This post is for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge. This week’s theme is Gardens –ย aย perfect theme, considering I’m currently enjoying taking lots of pictures in my new garden.



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  1. Great photos ๐Ÿ™‚
    I recently bought a 75-300mm lens (which gives a 35mm camera equivalent of 150-600mm) and I’m looking forward to trying to capture some bird and other wildlife photos.

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