Of New Shoots and Sunset Skies

On day 197 of 365 Days Wild I wandered out along the lanes in the mid-afternoon. At this time of year, mid-afternoon is only an hour or so before sunset, so the light was golden.

I made my way down to the pond.

Whilst carefully exploring along the pond’s bank I discovered some little green shoots in amongst the leaf litter. Visitors to the woodland area now need to be very careful where they step. The first snowdrop shoots are pushing through. Yay! I’m now looking forward to the display of snowdrop flowers in a month or so.

I might have got a bit carried away with photographing the shoots… There were just so many of them, and seeing the first new green growth in the middle of Winter is always an exciting time.

The sky was just beginning to gain some sunset colours as I walked back across the meadow.

These colours continued to develop as I walked along the lane. I snapped a few silhouettes shots through the hedgerow as I went, but I knew that my best view would be once I reached the godcake – the grassy triangle where the three lanes meet.

I was right.

I reached the corner just as the sweeping pinks and purples reached the peak of their intensity. At this time of year the view over the corner field gives me a wonderful view of the sky.

The sky continued to look lovely and I continued to snap photos as I walked the rest of my route home, even as the colours steadily faded away.

That’s all for today. What’s been happening out in nature where you are?

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