Over the Fields

On the afternoon of day 198 of 375 Days Wild I decided to wander out through the fields to the north of the village.

The footpath here edges along several fields. The paths were incredibly puddled and muddy, as well as treacherously slippery in places. I managed to stay upright, but my feet nearly went flying out from under me several times.

Amazingly, there were quite a few Camomile flowers still in bloom along the path.

The path crosses over the dyke.

In case you were wondring, yes, this is the same dyke that runs alongside the meadow (where it was widened into a pond by the Victorians). The dyke is man-made, part of the agricultural drainage / flood defence system that has criss-crossed the Nottinghamshire countryside for centuries. I can’t help but wonder just who were the first people to dig these ditches and dykes.

There are two different places to cross the dyke. I’ve never tried to walk the plank. My balance is abysmal. I’d undoubtedly end up in the water. I’ll stick to the proper, wide, earthen bridge.

The sun set whilst I was out and about. The view of the sky and the last light over the fields and hedgerows was beautiful.

It was a very golden sunset that faded rapidly once the sun disappeared.

Once the sun was gone I made my way towards home. There were a few tractors doing the same thing.

That’s all for today. Have you been out and about in your local area recently? Let me know in the comments.

4 thoughts on “Over the Fields

    1. Speaking as a farm labourer’s lass… I had to ask my dad. He says it’s a root crop lifter followed by a road brush. They’re lifting carrots just outside the village. I need to keep my eye out for dropped ones. 😋

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      1. Thankfully not! Having said that, the farm that my dad used to work at bred lots of turkeys. My oldest brother and sister used to be dragged along to help with the plucking before Christmas. My brother has since gone on to be a butcher. My sister is vegetarian.

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