Unexplored Paths

On day 191 of 365 Days Wild I visited the nearby village of Collingham in the company of my Mum, Millie Thom, where we explored some of the public footpaths at the edge of the village’s.

Despite having previously lived for 11 years in Collingham, these were footpaths that we had never before been down. They’re on the opposite side of the village from where we lived. Most of our walks back then had been down to the river rather than out into the local farmland.

Our route took us over the railway line. There were quite a few stiles to climb over along our way, which is always fun.

I stopped at a few points along the way. There was an apple tree with a few wizened apples still clinging to branch-tips and a blanket of fallen fruit on the ground beneath it.

Plus a dewdrop-covered feather on a nettle.

one angel message,

slightly damp and bedraggled:

embrace the nettle’s sting

Eventually our walk looped us back onto the village streets. I spotted these sculptures carved into a tree stump in a hedgerow outside a house. I couldn’t resist stopping and photographing them.

That’s all for today. Have you been out on a nature walk recently? Let me know in the comments below.

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