Day 154 of 365 Days Wild was overcast and very windy. I nearly stayed in the house all day, but did eventually decide to at least pop out for a little exercise, even if it wasn’t a particularly suitable day for photography. I ended up being very pleased that I did. The wind was quite invigorating to walk in (once I decided not to hunch down against it) and the sun tried to come out a couple of times whilst I was out and about. It was particularly lovely as it streamed through the oak tree in the meadow hedgerow, gilding brown leaves in gold and offering a treasure that only nature can provide.

There was similar treasure to be found in the pond.

Even when the sun retreated once again, the golden leaves in the trees and the hedgerows continued to draw my attention, even though the wind made it hard to take an unblurred shot.

That’s all for today. Have you been out on any nature walks recently? I’d love to know.

3 thoughts on “Golden

  1. yesterday (sunday) it was hot where i live. in fact i had the a/c on in the car as i did my errands. 😦 at home i have the doors and windows open and the room fans on, even today, monday it is warm at mid-day as i write this. i am still in short pants and short sleeved shirts and longing for cool times.

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    1. I really hope the weather cools down for you soon. I can hardly even imagine living in such a climate. In the UK we tend to start complaining after only a few days of ‘heatwave’ weather!


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