A Path to Positivity

follow along pathways where scraps

of summer’s hopes lie discarded in

puddling tears: kick through those

remnants, skip from shadow to sunbeam,

and find joy amidst the sorrow – for the

route ahead is golden and after winter’s

chill has passed, growth is sure to begin

anew in arrays of glorious opportunity


On day 155 of 365 Days Wild I wandered out along the lanes. It was another incredibly windy day, but that never really bothers me. I actually tend to find strong wind to be quite invigorating to walk in once I get past the initial urge to hunch down against it – as long as it isn’t too cold. The sun also emerged when I was out and about, which I find makes any walk worthwhile. The sight of sunbeams through trees always makes me smile.

Worries about the future are strong at the moment as we head towards a second national lockdown. My usual day job is in a kid’s play area, so, other than a handful of shifts in the restaurant that it’s attached to, I’ve been off work now since March. I’ve no idea when I might be returning, or even whether I’ll have a job role to return to.

But I’m trying to stay positive.

Getting out into nature helps. Negative thoughts find it much harder to take root when I’m being mindful of the world around me. The sound of birds singing or the sight of a scurrying squirrel is always enough to lift my mood. I’m also trying to focus on the thought that I was ready to change carreers, anyway, and jobs involving nature projects are likely to be on the rise if an effort is actually made to make the country’s recovery a green one. Opportunities will be there, I just need to be ready to take advantage of them when they appear.

I hope everyone else is keeping healthy, both physically and mentally, in these trying times.

That’s all for today. See you again tomorrow.