Light on the Water

a glimmer, sheening fascination,

a glimpse caught of a mirrored

existence, of wisdom pooling

between shades of wild growth

and vibrant explosions of light,

awaiting transformation with the

fleeting kiss of a dragonfly’s wings

wp-1597404938035.jpgI’ve been spending quite a lot of time lately sitting down on the shady bank of the pond and dyke. It’s wonderful to get out and about, but I really can’t handle the temperatures that we’ve been having lately – especially not when in the direct sunlight! Yesterday started off quite cloudy, so I thought I might be able to spend some time actually out in the meadow hunting for bugs, but once I left the house, the sun broke through. So back under the trees I went.


The good thing about the sun coming out was the beautiful sight of it on the water. Slightly downstream from the pond the water was covered in an opaque film (possibly algae?) that appeared somewhat unsightly at first glance.. at least until it caught the light.

I spent quite a long time watching the dragonflies as they swooped over the water… and attempting to photograph them in flight. No, I didn’t manage to actually catch one, though I did manage to get the reflection of one on the water as it darted past.


The rest of the time I spent enjoying the reflections of the trees.

This post is for day 74 of 365 Days Wild.

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