WWP: Traces



“Sarge, come and look at this.”

The scrap of fabric on the brambles was the first trace of Beatrice that anyone had yet found. Vibrant blue and patterned with flowers, it matched the top she’d been wearing on the afternoon she’d disappeared.

“You know what to do, Constable.”

Sergeant Hollie watched as the fragment of cloth was slipped into a bag and stashed away, satisfaction almost causing a smile to lighten his habitual glower.

It hadn’t taken much effort to direct the investigation on a wild goose chase. An anonymous phone call telling of a sighting; a torn piece of her clothing found in the woods. Further along the trail, a broken heal lay abandoned.

His colleagues would be too busy chasing phantoms to ever find her.

Beatrice belonged to him now.

Word count: 131 + ‘fabric’

This post is for Sammi Scribbles’ Weekend Word Prompt. I actually thought that I’d posted it last night, but for some reason it was still sitting in my drafts file this morning. Oops!

4 thoughts on “WWP: Traces

  1. I love the deception in this story and can only hope that someone will discover the true nature of Sergeant Hollie! A well constructed story, Louise. πŸ˜€

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    1. Her future looks rather bleak. πŸ˜” Although, I’m wondering whether the Constable is actually more observant than Sergeant Hollie gives him credit for… Thanks for reading, Shweta. 😊

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