FF: The Table Awaits

Photo prompt – ยฉ Dale Rogerson

The Table Awaits

Everything was perfect.

Each table was pristine, both silverware and glassware sparkling. Their best wines had been prepped. And the food! They’d spent hour’s preparing the food.

They’d been ready. Waiting.

Then the snow had started to fall.

“Why today? Of all days? Couldn’t it have held off until tomorrow?” Gilbert gazed dolefully out. “Bloody snow.”

“There’ll be other-”

“No. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity. Belinda’s a top food critic – getting her to visit at all was a stroke of luck. Rescheduling will need a miracle.”

Slowly approaching headlights lit the room.

Gilbert gaped. “Or maybe not.”

Word Count – 100


This post is for Rochelle Wisoff-Fieldsโ€™ Friday Fictioneers challenge. Click on the frog to read the other entries.


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    1. She might end up having to spend far longer at their restaurant than she planned, as the snow isn’t likely to stop anytime soon. Hopefully her review will be a true reflection of their place and the efforts they go to. Thanks for reading, Rochelle.๐Ÿ˜Š

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