Sundial on the edge.jpg

time flows

with the shifting tides

tumbling over castle walls

to drown in watery


This post is for the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge. This week’s theme is edge. The photograph was taken on the battlements of the castle at St Michael’s Mount in Cornwall, UK.

12 thoughts on “Edge

  1. Nice gnomon 🙂 (Of all the words I had to look up last time I read a Dan Brown novel – boy that man has a way bigger vocabulary than me – that’s the only one which stuck!)

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  2. very interesting sundial! I have only seen one here in Jaipur which is close to 300 years old and it’s huge! probably one the world’s best heritage solar observatory. If I’m not wrong it’s also UNESCO world heritage site now! It’s at Jantar mantar, jaipur.

    anyways, nice response to the prompt!

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    1. That sundial sounds like an impressive one! I’d love to see it – though, unfortunately, I don’t think I’m going to be visiting India any time soon! Whilst the setting of the sundial pictured in my post is old (the castle at St Michael’s Mount dates back to the middle ages) I think the sundial itself was a more recent addition. 🙂

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      1. I haven’t posted pictures of this sundial till now as I have stayed away from the popular tourist places of Jaipur. But I’m re-thinking as so many of my readers would like to see pictures of those places as well.
        The description you provided sounds interesting! 🙂


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