One Four: February Week Three

This post is for week three of Robyn’s One Four Challenge. This is a quarterly photo editing challenge that asks us to edit one photo in four ways over a month, posting a different version to our blog each week. .

streamside camp week four 3 small

I know I said I’d try to remember what I did to achieve the final edit this week but, unfortunately, I can’t. I’ve made so many changes, going back and forth between versions, that I couldn’t retrace my steps if I tried. I do know that there’s a soft light layer (or two) in there somewhere and a few different art effects. And I cropped it slightly. Other that that, I really can’t remember!

My intention with this edit was to create an image that looked like it could be an illustration for a kids’ adventure story – a slightly magical woodland setting, a campsite beside a stream…

I hope you like it.

Here’s all of the edits so far together for comparison:

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6 thoughts on “One Four: February Week Three

  1. I like all of these, Louise, but I think it’s because you started with a very strong image. If I have to pick a favorite I think I’d lean towards week 1 only because of what the bright sunlight is doing to the leaves of the tree. It just seems more pronounced in that version and contributes to the magical quality you’re talking about for this week.


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