Six Word Story: Failure

This post is for the Sometimes Stellar Storyteller’s Six Word Story Challenge. This week’s theme is failure. If you’d like to leave me a vote please follow the link above and like my story in the comments section. Thank you!

Image from Shutterstock
Image from Shutterstock

Next time they’d hire a professional.



15 Comments on “Six Word Story: Failure

    • Thanks Mandi. 🙂 It took me quite a while to find a picture to fit the story but as soon as I saw that one I knew it was perfect!

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  1. Perfect. I love it. Perfect 6 word story to go along with the photo. One thing, though. Should it be “Next time THEY’LL hire a professional”?

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    • Not necessarily. Using ‘they’ll’ would suggest an external, present tense viewpoint – someone looking at them and saying what they’ll do next time. ‘They’d’ is more the 3rd person, past tense viewpoint that I intended – the character themselves was thinking what they’d do next time. 🙂 I’m glad you liked it, Emilio. Thanks for visiting.


      • Makes sense. I just seemed to stumble a bit when I first read it. I’m enjoying your writing.


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