Six Word Story: Discontent

This post is for The Sometimes Stellar Storyteller’s Six Word Story Challenge. This week’s prompt is: discontent.


Image from Pixabay

Irritation simmers, expanding: ready to explode.


Six Word Story: Paranoia

This post is for the Sometimes Stellar Storyteller’s six word story challenge. This week’s prompt is: paranoia.


Image from Pixabay

Skin itching; eyes peering; creatures lurking.

I’m not sure I’ll ever manage to come back on this post -that spider picture is making my skin itch. Yes, this is definitely a paranoia that I have. If I see a spider I can’t relax for the next several hours.

Six Sentence Story: A Question of Honour

This post is for Ivy Walker’s Six Sentence Story, a flash fiction challenge that I haven’t joined in with before but decided to try out this week. The only rule of the challenge is that you write a story in six sentences – no more and no less – on the given prompt.

This week’s prompt is draw.


Image from Pixabay

A Question of Honour

“You dishonour yourself and our Order by bringing a female here,” Finnegan snarled, his fingers clenching on his sword hilt.

Mikael continued across the grandiose hall, his arm tightening reassuringly around Lorina’s waist: if Finnegan didn’t ask his reasons, he saw no point in sharing them.

“I demand you face me, Sir – draw your sword!”

Sighing impatiently, Mikael turned to the younger man; the sight of brandished steel set his temper alight. Sweeping his innocent charge behind him he lashed out, hands and feet finding the contact points to weaken and disarm.

“If I had drawn my sword,” he said, touching the tip of the purloined blade to the upstart’s throat before turning away, “you would be dead.”

Word Count: 120 – in 6 sentences.

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