Saturday Songsters #3 – Clannad

This is another of my Saturday Songsters posts where I share a video of a piece of music. This week’s track is ‘Strange Land’ by the Irish group, Clannad a group that consists of the siblings Moya,  Ciaran and Pol Brennan plus their twin uncles, Noel and Padraig Duggan.  Their younger sister / niece, Enya, was originally also a member of the group until she left in 1981 to pursue a solo career.

Clannad 2014
Clannad in 2014 by Dirk Haun, Creative Commons, via Wikimedia Commons
The song that I’ve chosen to share was written as part of the soundtrack for the 1980’s television series, ‘Robin of Sherwood’.

Being from Nottinghamshire, the stories of Robin Hood have always fascinated me. Whilst I’ve read and watched nearly every book, programme and film ever made, I’ve always viewed ‘Robin of Sherwood’ as being the definitive version of the legend. The haunting music – all performed by Clannad – the historical accuracy and the perfect capturing of the more pagan roots of the legend add together to make it a programme I can still happily watch even now, thirty years later.  The whole series, along with frequent visits to Sherwood Forest, was influential in developing my love of history, folklore and natural places.

Unfortunately I couldn’t find a particularly impressive video of today’s Songster track to share – but it’s the music that matters, after all!

Try to tell a knight in gold
(Hard to tell your point of view)
He’s to blame
A promise made, a dream of hope
(Know exactly what to do)
It’s all the same

In this strange land
This strange land

Set within the other side
(Everything is on my side)
My lion heart

Death and danger is defied
(Death and danger is defied)
My lover in light

In this strange land
This strange land

In this strange land
In strange hands

Lyrics from

If you’d like to know more about Clannad or would like to check out more of their music, you can visit their website here.


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    1. They’re a very talented family and have created some beautiful music over the years. I love Enya too – though I’d been listening to her albums for several years before I ever learnt about the link between her and Clannad. Thanks for visiting, PJ. 🙂

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