The Crossing – Part Four

Here’s part four of The Crossing. For those of you who haven’t already read them, or for anyone who wants to refresh their memory of what happened, here are the links to Part OnePart Two and Part Three. Enjoy!

forest path3

The Crossing: Part Four
Genre: historical: early C13th England


Dair’s eyes flashed open and he surged forward in a stumble that sent him to his knees, broken branches scratching numb skin. He shook his head, struggling to order his thoughts.

Running. He’d been running. Why had he been running?

Memories of blows falling, of burning fear, of dead eyes staring… He had to get home!

He forced himself to his feet as a figure loomed into sight.


Despite being lost in thought, Randel’s senses were too finely tuned after years as a forester to be unaware of his surroundings. The sound of breaking branches immediately pulled his attention from the road. Readying his bow he eased through the trees.

The features of the bedraggled boy who scrambled dazedly backwards were instantly recognisable: dark hair and sharp cheekbones so like his mother’s, fair skin worryingly blue with cold.

“Dair,” he called, approaching the lad with cautious steps, his bow slung over his shoulder. “You’re safe. I’m a forester – Randel. Do you remember me?”

“Randel?” Dair slumped and the forester knelt at his side. “So cold…” His eyes drooped, slipping out of focus.

His clothes were sodden, ice forming in the wintry air. Randel had seen too many men die of exposure to hesitate. He quickly removed the wet fabric and wrapped the increasingly unresponsive boy in his cloak, cataloging injuries as he went. A seething anger gained in strength.

First he would get Dair to safety. Then he would find the bastards who did this to him.

Word Count: 250

I think I probably spent more time working on the picture for this part of ‘The Crossing’ than I did on the story! I knew that I couldn’t keep on using Ermelia’s picture prompt forever.

The shot I used began life as a picture of a pleasant spring day in what we call ‘the little wooded area’ in the village. I would have liked to used one that showed more trees but trying to edit them in didn’t work. I did, however, manage to make it look nice and wintry.

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  1. That’s it? You give us 250 words? That’s not even an entree 😦 You will write more of this, won’t you, oh fluttering one?

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    1. I will be writing more of this, Lyn, but I’m afraid it’ll be in more 250 word segments! I like to keep them equal lengths – I can be a tad OCD with things like that. :S I also like the a challenge of saying what I want to whilst keeping it within the word limit.
      I’d like to say I’ll post them more often but there are so many other things I also want to put on my blog each week!
      I’m very glad you enjoyed reading it. 🙂

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  2. Sounds like Dair could be saved but it’s not the end of the story. I guess we switch to Randel’s point of view next? Looking forward to part 5!

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    1. There will be quite a lot from Randel’s VP coming up but there will still also be a good amount with Dair. Part 5 should be up some time this week. 🙂

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