Word of the Week (WOW): histrionic


This post is in response to Heena Rathore P.’s Word of the Week (WOW). This weekly meme is a great way of improving your vocabulary.  If you wish to participate, simply create a post with your word and leave a link in a comment on Heena’s WOW post.

Here’s my WOW for this week:



Part of Speech

Noun – histrionics
Adverb – histrionically

his-tri-on-ic (hĭs′trē-ŏn′ĭk)


1) Of or relating to actors or acting
2) Deliberately affected or self-consciously emotional; overly dramatic, in behavior or speech.

1) (plural) melodramatic displays of temperament
2) (Theatre) (plural, functioning as singular) dramatics

actorish, actorly, affected, dramatic, exaggerated, hammy, melodramatic, overacted, overdone, overplayed, stagey, studied, theatric, theatrical, thespian, unnatural
conservative, discreet, inconspicuous, modest, nondramatic, nontheatrical, plain, quiet, simple, unaffected, undramatic, underplayed, unpretentious, muted, restrained, subdued

Word Origin
1640-50 Late Latin histrōnicus of actors, equivalent to histriōn- (stem of histriō) meaning actor (said to be Etruscan) + -icus 

Use in a Sentence
1) Joseph Barclay’s histrionic performance was the biggest disappointment of the night, his overdone portrayal of .
2) After the recent histrionics Jemima was happy to return to a calmer way of life.
3) With Mother screeching histrionically in the upstairs room, Abigail knew she could not stay even a minute longer.


If you want to discover more great words then visit Heena’s page Word Treasure.


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