An Image of Concern

image of concern3

An Image Of Concern

A vague idea gathering
form and substance.
An inkling –
troublesome yet indistinct.

A hint,
a look shared,
an outline defined.

Shading added.
The caress of fear,
pulsing worry.
Something’s wrong,
something’s wrong,

An easy way to find the truth.
A simple question.
Do you really want
to know the

image of concern5

I’ve had this poem sat in a draft post for several weeks now. I wrote it last year when I was somewhat worried about a family member – thankfully, that’s all resolved now and it seems my worry was more paranoia than anything else. At least, I hope so… Anyway, the reason it’s taken me so long to post it is because I’ve had real trouble pairing it with a picture! Eventually I decided to have a play around with some photos in Photoshop and ended up with a couple of different ones I could use. Both images began life as photographs of my nephew (the only person in my family who lets me take photos of them!). The first has a charcoal and chalk sketch filter applied to it, the second a graphic pen. I had planned to also tell you the settings for these but I don’t seem to be able to find out what they were – all the sliders seem to be reset when I go back onto the page! Next time I’ll note them down as I do it…

I also had a couple of other pictures that I quite liked. The two black and white ones were chosen as I felt they best suited the poem, but I also quite liked the addition of reddish tones, so I thought I’d share these with you as well –  there are a few more of the settings that I can tell you for these ones, as well!

I’d love to know what you all think.

image of concern2
Pallette knife artistic layer, 34 brightness, -33 contrast, +159 hue, +65 saturation, +3 lightness
image of concern4
Pencil crayon and dry brush (I think!), contrast 100, hue -48, saturation -52, lightness +4

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  1. Same model as the fishing painting? Looks like it. My real life writing group has a problem with me introducing a character who is forming and not quite formed, amidst objects that are forming from the unformed. Ah ha! You proved things are real they form.


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