From Winter

  wintry scene b and w

From Winter

huddle down,
as darkness creeps ever further
over the barren landscape.
Icicle fingers bind tight;
hearts and minds
in Winter’s captivity.

A flickering glimmer
of light amidst shadow.
Watch night retreat.
A shaft of pale daylight
dances across the pristine crystals
clothing nature’s naked beauty.
A jubilant laugh;
a child’s glee.

Yesterday’s woes lie
tomorrow’s hopes are held close.
Keep them warm,
The wheel will turn.


Delicate shoots inching through
hard ground,
silken white petals
against umber earth.
Now dreams are unfurled.
Watch them flourish in the sun.


Unlike all the other poems I’ve been posting recently, today’s is not newly written. This is one that has lived on my computer for quite some time and has been edited and re-edited several times. It was originally three shorter poems that ended up merged into one! Many of the newer poems will probably end up merged similarly. Eventually.

Anyway, it’s now the New Year; the Christmas festivities are mostly over and I am looking forward to Spring. I love watching for all of the signs that life is returning to the natural world. First the snowdrops and aconites, then crocuses and pansies, daffodils and tulips… Needless to say, I will be taking lots of photos as they all appear!

Happy New Year, everyone.

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    1. Thanks. 🙂 I’m glad you like it. Usually I edit and edit and then edit some more. It’s only because of blogging that I’ve been sharing my writing without playing around with it for months beforehand!


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