The Lost Unicorn, Version 1

watermarked Snowdrop and his mum

Gather around.  Make sure you’re sitting comfortably and listen to the storyteller’s tale…

Are you ready? Then I’ll begin.

Deep in the Enchanted Forest live a herd of unicorns.  They have lovely white coats and golden horns that shine in the sunlight.

The littlest unicorn loves to play in the trees, but his mummy always tells him not to wander too far. One day he’s playing so happily that he doesn’t listen to her warning.

Soon he realises that he is lost.

“Mummy!” he calls, but his mummy can’t hear him. She’s too far away.

He’s starting to feel scared. What if he can’t find his mummy? He reminds himself that he’s a brave little unicorn, and brave unicorns don’t cry.

The littlest unicorn trots through the trees hoping to find his way home.

First he meets a Little Lady, wearing a beautiful dress and crown.

“Do you know where my mummy is?” he asks her.

“I don’t. Sorry,” says the Little Lady. “Ask the pixies. They might know.”

He continues on through the forest.

Next the littlest unicorn meets a pixie, dancing happily amongst the toadstools.

“Do you know where my mummy is?” he asks.

“I don’t. Sorry,” says the pixie. “Ask the dragon. He might know.”

He continues on through the forest.

Next the littlest unicorn meets a dragon, puffing smoke rings into the sky.

“Do you know where my mummy is?” he asks.

“I don’t. Sorry,” says dragon. “Ask the fairies. They might know.”

He continues on through the forest.

Finally the littlest unicorn meets a fairy, scattering sparkly fairy dust onto the flowers.

“Do you know where my mummy is?” he asks.

“Of course I do!” the fairy cries. “Follow me!” Fluttering her wings, the fairy darts off through the trees.

The littlest unicorn follows the fairy through the forest until they reach a place that he knows. He is home!
“Mummy!” he cries and he runs to her side.

“Where have you been?” his mummy asks. “I’ve been so worried!”

“I was lost, but the fairy showed me how to get home,” the littlest unicorn says.
“Thank you, fairy!”

“You’re welcome, little unicorn.” With a tinkling laugh and a scatter of sparkling dust, the fairy flies back off into the forest.

The littlest unicorn still plays in the Enchanted Forest, but he’s always careful not to wander too far from his mummy. He doesn’t want to be lost ever again.

As I mentioned in my last post, this is the first of several versions of the same story, each of them aimed at a different age group.  This one is suitable for three-year-olds. The next should be posted tomorrow. Please keep in mind when reading them that they are intended to be told, not read.

Thanks for reading and I’d love to know what people think.


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