The Lost Unicorn – Version 2


Many different creatures live in the Enchanted Forest but the most beautiful of all are the unicorns. With long, flowing manes that shimmer in the sunlight, coats of purest white, and elegant twists of golden horn, they are a sight to take your breath away.

The youngest of the unicorns is called Snowdrop and this is his tale.

Snowdrop loves to explore. Every day he plays in the forest, jumping over streams and scrabbling over tree roots. His mummy always tells him not to go too far away but he doesn’t always listen to her warning.

One day Snowdrop is having so much fun that he wanders much further than he usually does. It’s only as it starts to get dark that he realises that he is lost.

Oh no! It’s nearly night time and he doesn’t know where his mummy is!

“Mummy!” he shouts, but his mummy is too far away to hear him.

Now usually Snowdrop is a brave little unicorn, but he’s so scared that he crawls underneath a bush and cries himself to sleep.

The next morning Snowdrop wakes up feeling much better. He crawls out from beneath the bush, determined that today he’ll find his way back to his mummy!

He begins to trot through the forest. Soon he meets a messy little lady called Merelda playing in the dirt, her dress covered in mud and twigs in her dark curly hair.

“Hello,” Snowdrop says. “I’m lost. Do you know where my Mummy is?”

“A unicorn!” the little lady squeaks. “How exciting! I don’t know where your mummy is,” she continues, “but the pixies might know. Come on, I’ll take you to their village.”

Snowdrop follows Little Lady Merelda to the pixie village. There they meet a tiny pixie called Tixel. He’s sitting on the roof of a toadstool house, playing a happy tune on a pipe.

“Hello,” says Snowdrop. “Can you help me?”

“Snowdrop is lost and wants his mummy,” the little lady adds. “Do you know where the unicorns live?”

“I’m sorry. I don’t,” says the pixie, “but Dreago the dragon might know. I’ll take you to his cave, but you’ll have to carry me.”

Tixel pixie is lifted up to sit on Snowdrop’s horn and from there he guides Snowdrop and Little Lady Merelda through the Enchanted Forest to the dragon’s cave. The dragon is sleeping, his wings spread wide in the sun, smoke puffing out of his nostrils as he breathes in and out.

“Hello!” Merelda calls. “Can you help us?”

The dragon opens his eyes.

“Do you know where the unicorns live?” Tixel asks.

“I’m lost and I want my mummy,” Snowdrop explains.

“The unicorns do not stay in one place,” Dreago rumbles. “They travel around the forest. I do not know where they are now. The fairies, however, might.” The dragon stands, folding his wings close to his back. “Follow me. I’ll show you where they are.”

Snowdrop, Merelda and Tixel follow the dragon as he stomps through the trees until they reach the place where the fairies fly, darting here and there on delicate wings, scattering fairy dust as they go.

“Hello,” calls the dragon.

“Can you help us?” Tixel adds.

Flissy the fairy lands on a branch in front of them.

“Do you know where the unicorns live?” Merelda asks.

“I’m lost, and I want my mummy,” cries Snowdrop.

“Of course I know where the unicorns live,” Flissy says, laughing a happy, tinkling laugh. “Follow me!”

Snowdrop, Merelda, Tixel and Dreago follow the fairy through the trees until they come to a clearing. In the middle of the clearing stands a tall, graceful unicorn.

“Mummy!” Snowdrop shouts and gallops to her side.

“Oh Snowdrop. Where have you been? I’ve been so worried!” his mummy says.

“I was lost Mummy! But I’m home now and I’ve made lots of new friends.”

From this day on Snowdrop often plays with his new friends in the Enchanted Forest, but he always makes sure not to wander too far away from home. He doesn’t want to get lost ever again.

This is the second version of my children’s story The Lost Unicorn. This one is aimed at children aged around 5. Please keep in mind that it is designed to be told, not read.

The first version, for three-year-olds, can be found here. There is also a post that looks how and why the versions differ from each other, which can be found here.

A third version should be posted tomorrow.


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