Monochrome Monday: Dragon

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MftS: The Prophet’s Words

Here's this week's entry into Monday's Finish the Story flash fiction challenge, run by Barbara W. Beacham. This challenge gives you a picture prompt and the first line and asks that you finish the story in 100-150 words. The given line is in italics. The Prophet's Words “I see absolutely everything,” Draeg answered, glaring at [...]

Sunday Photo Fiction: The Gift

This story is in response to the Sunday Photo Fiction challenge, hosted by Alistair Forbes, that asks that you write a story in 100-200 words. How could I resist writing a story about a dragon? The Gift “What do you think? Isn’t he gorgeous?” Georgia bit her lip as she lifted the gift from its [...]

Catch! – Mondays Finish the Story

This is my entry for this week's flash fiction challenge from Mondays Finish The Story. This challenge gives you a picture and an opening sentence and asks you to finish the story within 100-150 words. The opening sentence is given in italics.   Racing down into the atmosphere, the unidentified object crashed, leaving behind one [...]

The Lost Unicorn – Version 3

There are many different creatures that make their home in The Enchanted Forest: fairies and dragons, pixies and goblins, giants, trolls and ogres. The rarest and most beautiful creatures of all, however, are the unicorns. With long, flowing manes that shimmer like spun gold in the sunlight, coats of purest white, and elegant twists of [...]

The Lost Unicorn – Version 2

Many different creatures live in the Enchanted Forest but the most beautiful of all are the unicorns. With long, flowing manes that shimmer in the sunlight, coats of purest white, and elegant twists of golden horn, they are a sight to take your breath away. The youngest of the unicorns is called Snowdrop and this [...]

The Lost Unicorn, Version 1

Gather around.  Make sure you're sitting comfortably and listen to the storyteller's tale... Are you ready? Then I'll begin. Deep in the Enchanted Forest live a herd of unicorns.  They have lovely white coats and golden horns that shine in the sunlight. The littlest unicorn loves to play in the trees, but his mummy always [...]