for the fallen,

for the forgotten,

for the lost,


for all dreams lost

to turning seasons,


for the winter’s

icy fingered approach,

and weep

for the knowledge of death

held deep in bone

On day 181 of 365 Days Wild it was just starting to rain as I left the house. I had intended to walk a loop around the village but I ended up spending quite some time wandering around the garden and looking at (and photographing, of course), the raindrops on the plants and flowers. It had been dull all day and by the time I was done the light had completely faded and night was starting to settle in. My walk ending up just being a camera-free stretch of my legs.

Here are the pictures that I took:

One thought on “Weep

  1. Yes, it is tempting to spend extra time in the garden to see all the marvels of nature, aided by our own handiwork. I have a plethora of yellow at the moment and it really shines out in the low light levels.

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