Amidst the Dewdrops

oak leaves drift from skeletal

branches to rest amidst dewdrops,

settling into place with a gentle whisper:

‘I am right where I’m meant to be’

I began day 175 of 365 Days Wild with a morning walk down to the meadow. I wasn’t out particularly early and I didn’t stay out all that long, but it was a lovely time for a walk amidst the dewdrops.

There was some beautiful light out on the lanes when I first left the house.

By the time I reached the meadow a bank of clouds was sat along the eastern horizon, dimming the light even as it created some wonderful herringbone patterns in the sky.

I walked the circuit around the meadow, followed the hedgerow and fenceline and occasionally stopping to snap a picture.

This hogweed plant at the edge of the meadow – still in flower despite it now being late November – caught my eye as I wandered. Luckily, just as I stopped to take a few photographs, the sun reemerged from behind the clouds, creating a lovely, slightly bokeh, background for some of my shots.

I also stopped to pick up a little pair of acorn cups. Most of the acorns that only a few weeks ago covered the paths are now long gone, collected and stashed away by the resident squirrels. Most of the cups have been crushed underfoot by myself and my fellow meadow walkers. Finding an unbroken pair was a treat. These are sometimes known as fairy goblets. With the way in which they caught the light as I held them up for a photograph, they look like they’re filled with fairy magic.

I returned home after that, but emerged from the house again at sunset. This time I didn’t go so far – only down to the bottom of the garden. I got there just in time to see the sun touch the horizon.

The field behind our house is currently home to a small flock of sheep. I’ve tried to photograph them a few times now but they’ve always stayed a bit too far away for me to snap a decent picture. They came a little closer this time.

That’s all for today. How have you been connecting with nature recently? Let me know in the comments section below.

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