fears swell in clouding bruises,

marring joy, existence blanketed in

agonies of indecision; promises of dire

misfortune as yet undelivered


but hope still shines


chase sunbeams around trees

and dance minuets with shadows, for

possibility plays amongst nature’s wealth:

each storm faced will be weathered

I was amazed that I didn’t get caught in a downpour when I ventured out for my daily walk on day 137 of 365 Days Wild. The clouds were dark and heavy and ominous, but, fortunately, they all passed overhead without dropping their loads of rain. It meant that I got a few interesting pictures of sunlit ground with stormy-looking clouds above, as well as some wonderfully dramatic skyscapes over the local fields.

That’s all for today. Have you see seen any dramatic skies where you are?

6 thoughts on “Ominous

    1. I wrote and deleted a final paragraph on this post several times in which I linked the dark clouds to Covid and Brexit, and the current and future situation in the UK. I try not to get too political on my blog, though – even if I’m sure my opinions must seep through at times! As I live in Nottinghamshire (only just – if our house was a mile up the road we’d be in Lincolnshire) we’re already in tier 2 restrictions. Things are not looking good. Being able to escape into nature has been, and continues to be, a lifeline.

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