Wild Spaces

There are lots of wild spaces to be found off the footpaths and tracks around the local lanes. When out and about for a wander on day 114 of 365 Days Wild we discovered a strip of growth beside farmland that appears to have been sown and left for the wildlife. The sunflowers scattered through the space were particularly eye-catching.

There was also a small blue flower that I believe to be Pale Flax (Linum bienne).

Beyond this stretch we found the entrance to another field that appeared to have also been left to grow wild.

It was manly grass, but showed no signs of being used as a meadow in which to graze sheep or cattle. Maybe in future years the space will be managed to increase plant diversity, with species such as the semi-parasitic Yellow Rattle being sown to reduce the amount of grass. I’ll have to make sure that I revisit it regularly to see. The only wildflower that was still in bloom in this space was White Clover (Trifolium repens).

The hedgerows that enclosed the field, however, were covered in fruits, with both sloes and rosehips in abundance.

After leaving this field we followed a path through a tunnel of trees.

After emerging at the end of the trees we followed the hedgeline for a ways along the edges of the harvested fields. We simply enjoyed being out in what has been forecasted to be the last day of sunshine we’re likely to have for a while. My final few pictures are of an old beehive that we spotted under the hedge. Unfortunately, it didn’t sound like there were any bees still making use of it.

That’s all for today. Have you been on any nature walks recently?

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