The Eye of Dawn

watch the year’s turning

through russet tones as

silhouettes shape days into 

realms of lucid dreaming,

when dichotomies of life

and death, day and night,

light and dark, play out in

earthly realities, and the

truths of existence become

known to souls bound in

connection to wild nature’s

rhythms, as observed in the

rise and fall of the sun, and

the changing hue of each leaf

as it cycles from unfurling

bud to tumbling remnant

walk empty footpaths as dawn light

gilds the sky, each early riser offered

a treasure more precious than gold

Day 103 of 365 Days Wild was filled with poetry inspired by the dawn.

a portal opens

are you ready to step through?

discover the wonders that lie

beyond the dawn,

magic envisioned,

made manifest in swirling evanescence

as passage is granted to

an otherworld that overlaps those

liminal spaces

traced in eager footsteps during waking hours,

trodden again in dreaming spheres,

accessible only upon the cusp

That’s all for today! Enjoy the weekend.

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