Day 88 of 365 Days Wild was another day of constant rainshowers, so I decided to spend some time out in my dad’s garden rather than going out for another walk in the rain. I particularly enjoyed the sight of the geraniums and the fuschias, bejeweled as they were in beautifully pristine droplets.

The fruit trees and grape vines were also looking lovely in the rain.

The roses that are currently in flower were looking a bit too bedraggled to draw my attention – we’re awaiting the second bloom – but the droplets on the richly coloured rose leaves looked wonderfully crystalline.

I’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who has visited my blog and left me a like or a comment recently – particularly Peter, of Peter’s Pondering, who visits every post. I know that I’ve been a little absent in returning the favour lately, and I apologise. I’ve not even found the time to respond to comments, but I do read and appreciate them all. I’m hoping to get back to everyone over this weekend.

I love you all!

12 thoughts on “Droplets

  1. No need for thanks Louise. I visit, and comment, because I enjoy your posts. I don’t expect reciprocal visits every time. Life is busy enough without setting yourself unnecessary targets. I’ll be happy to see you whenever you have the time and inclination! Meanwhile keep up the great descriptions and photos!

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  2. Louise, the images are lovely! You made me wish to return to the farm now that the summer rains are here.
    Nature is always inviting, we just need to learn to walk in and embrace it’s beauty.
    Thanks for the post!

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