Of Little Gifts, Visitations and Spirit Messages

My daily outings to the meadow are always relatively mindful and connected occasions. I’ll often spend time meditating or simply listening to the sounds of the meadow, finding stillness and calm as a part of the natural world. I also tend to collect mementos – or, as I like to think of them, little gifts from the spirits of the meadow. I always look into the symbolism of the things that I find and see in order to discover what messages they might hold for me. If something resonates, I generally find it best to pay attention. I’m currently hoping to make a change in career, with plans to move from being a kids’ entertainer into a job that is more nature related, so most of the ‘messages’ that I’ve received recently have been centred around this.

Here are some of the most recent little gifts that I’ve received:

I found this wing feather from a pheasant lying on a meadow path.

My message from the pheasant: a life of creative expression is possible, but it needs to be worked for; I need to be open to new experiences.

I found one of these acorns on the bench. The other landed in my lap as I sat on the bench.

My message from the oak: strength and prosperity can be mine, for great potential lies in the smallest seeds.

This bunch of ash keys was blown onto a meadow path and landed right in front of me as I walked.

My message from the ash: I hold the keys to a life of power and mastership, but dreams need to be anchored in material reality.

That the bundle of ash keys with its attached leaves appears to be in the shape of a stag’s head adds another element to the message – a reminder of the importance of the ‘hunt’, the journey to achieving my desires.

I’ve also had a few ‘visitations’ while I’ve been out and about lately, and these meadow creatures had messages of their own to give me.

This dragonfly landed on my skirt as I wandered the meadow. Another landed on my hand as I took the picture of the first.

My message from the dragonflies: a change in perspective is sometimes necessary; a change in life requires maturity to achieve.

There have been multiple occasions when I’ve looked down and found a ladybird crawling on me.

My message from the ladybird: luck and prosperity will follow in the wake of joy and delight.

If a ladybird lands on you, make a wish. I did! And, no, I can’t tell you what I wished for, because then it won’t come true.

Sometimes I take my little gifts home with me, though often I’ll leave them on a tree stump, in a hollow bowl of a tree, or tied with a thread to a tree branch. I have a shelf on my bookcase that is now starting to get quite a collection of feathers.

This post is for day 85 of 365 Days Wild.

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    1. That would be the ideal, but writing about nature or leading nature based activity groups would be good, too. I’ve also been doing a self study ecology course over the past few months, so hopefully I’ll find something that suits me.

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