Late Summer Golds


We’ve now reached that point in the year when it’s the seedheads rather than the flowers that draw my attention when I’m out and about.

The light wasn’t great when I was wandering around the meadow and down the local lanes, but the sun did keep trying to escape from behind the clouds, which was something, at least. The overcast sky did make the day a little cooler, even if the humidity remained. Whilst the sun has been at its most intensive, I’ve been avoiding spending too much time out in the open expanse of the meadow, where the shade is practically non-existent. It was nice to be able to walk along the paths again without fearing sunstroke!

There were a number of little creatures to be found amongst the seedheads. Here are pictures of the few that actually stayed in one place long enough for me to snap a photograph of them.

This was day 76 of 365 Days Wild. Thanks for joining me on my wander.

3 thoughts on “Late Summer Golds

  1. Your photos describe your title beautifully. I also love the insects you have captured so well. The colour of the Common Blue butterfly stands out amidst the golds.


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