Rose Gold Morning


The sky was a beautifully gentle rose gold when I headed out to photograph the dawn on the morning of day 69 of 365 Days Wild.

Unfortunately I missed the sunrise itself because I’d left my phone – and so my camera – at home. Of all the things to have forgotten, that is the one thing I can’t really do without on a morning out and about. Typically, it was one of the few times when I hadn’t been taking photos all the way around to my favourite viewing spot, so I hadn’t even realised that I didn’t have it until I was on the lane, ready to snap some pictures of the dawn. What followed was a mad dash home to get it, followed by a mad dash back out again to catch some of the dawn sky, at least.


One positive element of the whole episode – it definitely woke me up!


After watching the dawn, I headed into the meadow where I spent some time enjoying the morning light on the seedheads and the few flowers still in bloom.

It was so magical that I half expected fairies and pixies to emerge.


I then made my way down through the meadow to the pond, where some of the Purple Loosestrife that I helped to plant back in May is now coming into flower.

It was such a beautiful sight that I spent the next hour or so sat on the bank with my sketch pad and pencil crayons in order to catch the view.


It was a perfect way in which to pass the first few hours of the day.



5 thoughts on “Rose Gold Morning

    1. I like to catch the sun actually coming over the horizon, from the very first glimpse, until the whole of it is clear. It’s my favourite moment, though I do love the light and colour as the sun rises higher in the sky. I’m just glad that I managed to get any of it at all! Thanks for visiting, Buddy. 😊

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  1. Your title suits your photos of the rising sun perfectly, Louise. I love the way you’ve captured it from between the trees – beautiful! Also great to see your Purple Loosetrife looking so lovely. Lovely sketches, too. ❀

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