Dragonfly Dawn


I spotted this dragonfly in the meadow at dawn. It was still in the same spot an hour later, waiting for the sun to dry the dew off its wings.


I’ve been hoping to catch a glimpse of a dragonfly at rest in the meadow for a while now. I’ve seen a few darting about after flies, but they’ve never remained still long enough for me to photograph them. Well, this turned out to be a particularly good day for spotting them.

A few hours later, as I was wandering among the Knapweed flowers at the bottom of the meadow, I kept hearing bursts of a loud, unfamiliar buzzing noise. I managed to track down one of the sources to this newly emerged dragonfly, who was drying their wings as they clung to a flower stem.


As we are currently in the middle of British Dragonfly Week (Saturday 18th – Sunday 26th July) it was a perfect morning to see them.

This was day 50 of 365 Days Wild.

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