Misty Dawn and Sunlit Cobwebs

For day 42 of 365 Days Wild I left the house at 4.30 AM in order to watch the dawn.


A gentle mist hung over a sleeping landscape, the pre-dawn light adding tints of pink and orange to soothing blues; a mingling of magic and mystery and peacefulness, inviting the drawing of a deep breath.

breathe in

serenity as birds exult in the

coming of the dawn


within the mysteries

that inspire an awakened soul

breathe out

each negative thought as it

seeks to smother joy

and be

I arrived at the meadow shortly before dawn. Usually I watch (and photograph) the sunrise from the lane, but this time I walked down the tree-lined path beside the meadow and looked out over the neighbouring farmer’s field. The mist clung to the furrows and caught the light beautifully.

The light through the trees as I headed back to the meadow was also quite magical.

It didn’t take long for the mist to vanish once the sun rose, but, briefly, both mist and the first fingers of light on the meadow existed together.


As soon as the sun rose higher and the shadows shifted, the haze disappeared as if it had never been.

The meadow plants were draped in cobwebs, and spiders scurried away as I passed them by.  Morning dew bejeweled the delicate threads, creating a magical ambience as the dawn sun glinted upon each sphere in a display of captive magnificence.


shining pearls, delicately

strung, a gift for

those dedicated to care

There were so many cobwebs!

To finish off, here a final few pictures showing the long, golden grass glowing in ethereal beauty in the early light.

6 thoughts on “Misty Dawn and Sunlit Cobwebs

  1. Simply beautiful. I do love bejewelled cobwebs. The relative weight of the water shows the tensile strength of the webs. I’m sure that mathematicians and scientists would relish explaining the theories behind the constructions but I’m content just to marvel at nature’s magic.


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