It’s my Blogiversary!


I didn’t realise that it was my blogging anniversary today until after I posted aboutย Don’t Step on a Bee Day earlier. It’s hard to believe that it’s actually been a whole 6 years since I first posted on here. Back then my blog was all about the children’s stories I was working on. Pixies and wizards and witches and unicorns were the focus of my posts. I do occasionally feel as if I ought to work on these some more, but I have so many other things taking up my time these days that they’re constantly being pushed onto the back burner I

My blog began to change when I took part in Photography 101 in November of 2014, and the photography and poetry posts took over. Shortly after that I discovered flash fiction, and for several years my blog fell into a regular pattern of ultra short stories and photography challenges accompanied by poems. This continued until I moved away to live with my sister. I’ve tried to continue posting occasionally over the last few years, but the amount of interaction I’ve done has been minimal.

Just before we went into lockdown in March, I moved back to the village, where the Nature Project with the meadow, tree-lined path, stream and pond that has been my inspiration since it’s inception nearly five years go can be found. Being back here whilst also being unable to go anywhere else has given me the opportunity to focus on blogging again.

Taking part in 365 Days Wild and posting daily is not only a chance for me to spend more time in nature, it’s also a chance for me to really get my blog back up and running again. I’m loving connecting with everyone in the blogosphere again, and I hope you’re all enjoying reading my posts. I’m currently trying to visit everyone’s blogs. If I haven’t visited yet, I’ll try to get there soon.

Here are some pictures of yellow roses – a rose that symbolises friendship – for my blogging friends, both old and new. I love you all!


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    1. Thanks, Peter. Yes, most of our roses have done really well this year, there’s just the one bush that’s not quite so happy. We think that’s probably to do with its position in the garden, though.

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  1. Hello.

    Happy Blogiversary. Blogging is great fun and offers possibilities to know new things, see photos of new countries without knowing what there inside them and art etc.

    Happy Sunday!


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